Finland 2018

A few months back I visited the ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Finland, spending a week living in a log cabin and driving around 2000 miles, hitting 8 national parks and seeing several wild moose (meese?) in the process. Some pics below – and a video of the walk up to our cabin (via the “swimming pond”).

Iceland 2017

My third trip to Iceland and a contender for the best. Many hundreds of KM travelled, millions of beautiful things seen and done and experienced. A selection of photos and a video by my ultra talented girlfriend below! Enjoy!  

Tromsø/Svalbard 2016

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a few days far north of the Arctic Circle, first in Tromsø where we got to watch some majestic Northern Lights from a graveyard, then farther north on Svalbard. Thought I’d share a few photos. Clue: if there’s trees, it’s Tromsø – trees can’t grow on Svalbard […]