Creating Value in Testing – Mike Jarred Webinar

Interesting webinar this lunchtime from Mike Jarred, courtesy of Jennifer Wheeler at Below are my notes from the session, entirely paraphrased. Hope there’s something of interest for you there! Why talk about the value of Testing? Different business sizes and industry verticals all seem to undervalue testing. There’s strategy to represent this value – […]

The Dark Art of QA – Quality Advocacy

QA is a much-maligned acronym which is routinely shorthand for “Quality Assurance” (whatever the hell that actually means – you don’t assure quality by discovering and sharing information about the software), it’s variously “nicked” to stand for Quality Analysis, Question Asking, Quality Activism… but the one which I think is the neatest translation of these […]

Whole Team Testing – Lisa Crispin AMA

This evening I attended an AMA (hosted by Ministry of Testing) by Lisa Crispin, one of my testing heroes and probably the first “named tester” I was ever aware of. It covered a topic close to my heart as an advocacy-focused “Team Glue” tester: Whole-Team Testing. It was a real honour to have a question […]