Attending TestBash: The Dos and Don’ts

Four TestBashes in, I feel like I’ve finally cracked it. Here’s my tips for enjoying your TestBash experience YOUR way!


Impostor Syndrome, and 99 Seconds of Fame

First in a series of posts reflecting on lessons learned and realisations, well, realised at Testbash Manchester 2017 Edit – Video now online at – I’m at ~7:10. Requires (free) signup. I spoke! I spoke at a damn testing conference! Maybe I can make it in this testing game after all! Sure, it was a […]

Moving Test Upstream – How to test the whole SDLC

Fourth in a series of posts summing up my thoughts on the Ministry of Testing’s latest success, TestBash Manchester 2016. As testers, we’re used to hearing the value of “shifting testing left” in the software development life-cycle. By finding problems sooner, we can be instrumental in saving the business money, effort and time rectifying costly […]