Kiss Goodbye To Your Comfort Zone – Big Ideas from TestBash Manchester 2019

For the third and final post in this series of three reflecting on my personal takeaways from this year’s TestBash Manchester I knew I wanted to focus on Lisi Hocke’s closing talk “A Code Challenge of Confidence” – well, ‘talk’ may be a bit weak given the actual demonstration of her topic live in the session! – but I found there were complimentary threads in what Lisi talked about which chimed with several other talks as well.

Your Software Is Only As Good As Your Conversations – Big Ideas from TestBash Manchester 2019

It seems strange to those outside our industry that success of our software often lies in the way those of us who build it speak to one another. Surely an application lives and dies on the ability of great coders to write great code… right? Whilst that’s definitely true to some extent, this opens up when we begin to consider what “great” really means. What’s good, valuable, valid is contextual – and our software has to fit the needs of so many different people, each with their own context!

Learn To Love Failure – Big Ideas from TestBash Manchester 2019

Who wants to fail? In life, we strive to succeed, to do well, and to avoid the pitfalls and dangers we are beset by. As testers however, we need to take a different attitude to failure. Failure pays our bills! Without failure, without the human predisposition to make mistakes, short-sighted or narrow decisions, we are out of a job. So – how do we foster a more accepting attitude towards failure, and learn to not only enjoy it, but encourage it?

Impostor Syndrome, and 99 Seconds of Fame

First in a series of posts reflecting on lessons learned and realisations, well, realised at Testbash Manchester 2017 Edit – Video now online at – I’m at ~7:10. Requires (free) signup. I spoke! I spoke at a damn testing conference! Maybe I can make it in this testing game after all! Sure, it was a […]