99 Seconds of Impostor Syndrome; or, my lightning talk about being terrified of talking to a room full of testers

I mentioned in my first post here this year that I was just back from TestBash Manchester 2017, where I’d surprised myself by giving a lightning talk to several hundred testers. Lightning talks are unscheduled and involve signing up on the day, queuing for your turn on stage and then, if you’re anything like me… trying not to shake so hard you rattle the mic to pieces.

It was a big deal to me to get up on stage and “face my demons” regarding public speaking, and – more importantly – my place as a tester. I only seem to suffer from impostor syndrome when I’m at events like TestBash.

You can watch the video at the link below, it requires (free) signup. I’m at ~7:10. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


For more details about what motivated the talk and the bits I glossed over, please check out this post. I remain pretty proud, even if it’s hard to watch back! I have some great ideas for where to go next with my public speaking and some generous offers of help, should I decide to submit a paper to a conference. Let’s see…

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