Hello Worldb – new testing blog in town

( ^ How to drive testers to your blog? I’m going with the irritant marketing approach… ^ )

Hi, I’m Stu, and I test software for a living.

After some brief forays in the past, my recent trip to TestBash Manchester (2016) has left me fired up and very keen to start posting my ramblings and observations on the weirder than weird world of quality assurance, software testing, quality testing, software assurance and every contentious combination, rebuttal and restoration of the above.

I arrived at testing via the wholly unexpected Product Ownership/UAT (although I’d never have known to call it that at the time) of a small in-house project at a college where I was an administrative coordinator. Through the Open University’s inaugural “Testing Academy” I was driven through the ISTQB, plopped in a very-very-not-at-all-waterfall SIT team, then moved upstream to a somewhat more agile scrum team.


Since then, I’ve moved on to a very-very-actually-agile (our whole business – sales and services teams included – is fundamentally agile) team developing SaaS Smart Scheduling software for tier 1 and 2 retail customers. Whilst the coding side of the development team understood agility, the test side was deeply old school, and a lot of my presence has been building the respect for, understanding and use of modern test practice by the test team, dev team and wider business. This has included exploratory charters, 3 Amigos (I was the permanent test presence on the panel) and beginning to drive automation.


I know I’m still a beginner – I love that –  and that there’s a huge amount I don’t know about the test space. Whilst I’ve wowed the business by introducing exploratory test charters and scrapping some of the old, iron-wrought processes, what I’ve been doing up to now has been well within my comfort zone as a tester.


Made by my current lead dev, honestly wonder if the stray pixels and mismatched resolutions were deliberate

This blog is the first step in resolving that; it’s a place to publish my projects going forward, to drive myself to comment and to build on what I know, and to share what I discover along the way. I’ll try and bring you something worth reading, if you have an interest in test, and hopefully in time I’ll start sharing ideas of my own. You can also find me on twitter @tzb.

Outside of my professional life I spend most of my money on travel, this year I’ve done Spain, Norway (2000 miles of it at least), Sweden, Denmark, next week I’m off to Svalbard for a few days of the polar night, before Stockholm at Christmas. I have two beautiful children (currently 3 and 4) and a very wonderful partner in crime called Mary. I live in Woburn Sands, near Milton Keynes where I work.

Anyway, enough about me. Just wanted to say a quick hellqo.


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